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Mental and Psychological Wellbeing

As well as the many structural therapies and treatments used and endorsed by the Fairlee Wellbeing Centre we also promote mental and psychological wellbeing as an equal component when it comes to pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Having served the South London population for over 30...

How Chiropractic Care Can Help With a Headache?

Are you suffering from the occasional headache that gives you a throbbing and dull feeling, or perhaps it’s more frequent and accompanied by nausea and unbearable pain? You are not alone. Around 9 out of 10 people suffer from terrible headaches that seem to get worse and...

What Everybody Ought To Know About Sports Massage

What is Sports Massage And Is It Right For Me? Sports Massage is a deeper, therapeutic type massage that is tailored to your area of pain or injury. Despite what the name might suggest, sports massage is not only utilised by sports people, it is of benefit to anyone looking for...

7 Treatments That Will Relax, Strengthen and Help You During Pregnancy

As any pregnant woman will attest to, Pregnancy is a certainly a very special and unique time in your life; however, it often comes with a whole range of emotional and physical effects, from anxiety and sleeplessness to vomiting and back/neck/shoulder issues, as your body changes...

How To Pick The Right Massage Treatment

“Massage Therapy” encompasses a vast range of treatment styles, depths and techniques which between them can provide an enormous range of physical and mental benefits to your body and overall wellbeing. With such a wide range of massages styles available, spending just a few...

An Insight In To Services Provided by Fairlee Wellbeing Centre

At the Fairlee Wellbeing Centre, we believe in healing the body and mind holistically through conventional, complementary and alternative therapies. Being incorporated within the Fairlee Pharmacy – which has been serving Clapham, Battersea and the rest of South London for over...

Our Flipbook Brochure!

We have put together the Fairlee Wellbeing Centre Flipbook! It’s a beautifully illustrated brochure, with details on every treatment that we offer, together with information and bios our practitioners. It’s a fantastic way to find out about our therapists and how they...

Get 30% Off Our Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Package In March As Part Of No Smoking Day

Take Advantage of a 30% discount on our highly acclaimed Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Package this March only! With No Smoking Day coming up (Wednesday 13th March), we are doing everything we can to support those who are looking to give up smoking. We’ve got the posters up,...

Reflexology in Clapham: Get your FREE Maternity & Postnatal Care Review

Are you planning a family or adapting to the changes that are a natural part of becoming a mother? Here at the Fairlee Wellbeing Centre, we are one of the foremost clinic for Reflexology in Clapham and the South London area. Our Reflexology practitioner is currently offering free...

Fertility Acupuncture In Clapham At The Fairlee Wellbeing Centre

With its role expanding throughout Western modern medicine, Acupuncture is taking much more of a front seat with regards to fertility and pregnancy. There is growing popularity for this with celebrity endorsements from the likes of Celine Dion / Kim Kardashian / Mariah Carey,...
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